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Ready Dental is a Henderson, NV-based general dentist office, specializing in Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and operated by highly respected dental practitioner, Dr. Kelly Johnston.

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Some Interesting Facts

4.5 StarsYelp Review
1000+Happy Patients
100+In-Network Insurance Plans
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Our Services

We offer a variety of services to help make sure you get the smile you deserve. We primarily focus on family and cosmetic dentistry.


We offer complete, periodic, and limited evaluations to create a treatment plan catered to your hygiene success.


We offer quality Prophylaxis treatment for both adults and children to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We also offer flouride treatment.


We offer resin-based composite (white) and amalgam (silver) fillings to repair your wonderful teeth.


We offer crowns and bridges processed alongside a quality dental lab to restore or create your perfect smile.


We also offer interim, partial, and complete dentures processed alongside a quality dental lab to restore or create your perfect set of teeth.

And More!

Everything you need to jumpstart your oral hygiene can be found here!

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Our COVID-19 Status

Our COVID-19 Status

Here is our official stance on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Hours and Contact Information

Monday: 9:00AM - 4:30PM Tuesday: 9:00AM - 4:30PM Wednesday: CLOSED (or by appointment) Thursday: 9:00AM - 4:30PM Friday: 9:00AM - 4:30PM Saturday: CLOSED Sunday: CLOSED

Office Location
4300 E Sunset Rd., Suite B2, Henderson, NV 89014
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Office Number
(702) 968-0707
Fax Number
(702) 968-0708
Emergency Number
(702) 350-2721
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